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Pirate TAXI 2021


Despite a hard start and our third lockdown we are holding on to the belief that 2021 is still full of possibility; we’re planning the creation and tour of a small-scale circus show with large-scale tales to tell!

The global pandemic and climate change crisis have forced us to re-think the way we work as artists and focus on our local environment. Pirate TAXI will be our first exploration into creating outdoor work on a smaller scale. Pirates of the Carabina’s trademark mechanically ingenious sets, extraordinary aerial, circus and live music will be presented in, on and above an old skool London taxi. Drawing inspiration from the true life journeys (travelling, migration and displacement) of the performers from Circus to Somerset, the stories of people we meet along the way and the annual migration of birds, the taxi will become a travelling trove of stories, notions and ruminations. And there is always room for one more…

Look out for us! And get in touch for more info…

With generous support from Crying Out Loud, Take Art, Wassail Theatre and Tangled Feet.