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Pirate Taxi

Our small-scale, outdoor aerial circus show PIRATE TAXI first started out in 2018 as a festival prop – only to be given life as a fully-functioning, mobile circus stage.

The show fits in the turning circle of a London cab.

Taking place in, on and around an old-school London Taxi, PIRATE TAXI is performed by a cast of two and is suitable for all ages. It has all the hallmarks of a Pirates of the Carabina (POTC) show – original live music, humour, a mechanically ingenious set, and extraordinary aerial performance.

A film by Flags and Moss and Pirates of the Carabina. Performed by Shaena Brandel & Barnz Munn

Film shot and Directed by Magnus Dennis & Floss Barnett-Howland Edited by Damien Sung

Produced with generous support from Crying Out Loud, Take Art, Wassail Theatre, Tangled Feet & Arts Council England.

Sometimes serious, but more often funny, PIRATE TAXI tells the directors’ own tale of finding their way via Circus to Somerset – weaving in themes of journeys, and the annual migration of birds.

Supported by Arts Council England, Crying Out Loud, Wassail Theatre, and Take Art, PIRATE TAXI toured with the Circus Around and About rural touring programme with 40 dates during Summer 2021, and embarked upon another tour of the South West and beyond in 2023. We are now taking bookings for shows in 2024!

A magical experience!

Audience member, Halstock 2021

A Mesmerising Family Show

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Production Details:

45 mins (no interval)
Suitable for All Ages.


Creative Concept & Show Development: Barnz Munn & Shaena Brandel
Circus Choreography: Eric McGill
Dramaturg: Kat Joyce, Richard Headon
Sound Design: Out of the Box, Barnz Munn
Costume: Phoebe Baker
Taxi design & fit-out: Barnz Munn, Tarn Aitken, Justin Wood
Original Music by: Shaena Brandel, Barnz Munn, Jack Rees, Alik Peters-Deacon, Sharon Lazibird / Guy Connelly (Migration Song)
Design & Artwork: Annabel Munn & Imogen Chester


Shaena Brandel & Barnz Munn // Jack Rees & Esther Fuge

Pirate Taxi

Pirate Taxi is available to book throughout the year.

Weather permitting, and we can offer a range of enhancement activities to support performances. Please email us for more detail.