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Following sold-out performances at the beautiful Burrow Hill orchards in Somerset, Pirates of the Carabina are taking the show on the road with a ‘Best Of’ tour to UK festivals, outdoor events and venues in 2024.

Since 2011, Pirates of the Carabina have delivered an elevated Circus experience to audiences, with their funny, technically innovative shows  PIRATE TAXI, HOME and the critically acclaimed FLOWN. Counterweight celebrates some of the highlights of these individually brilliant shows in one breathtaking outdoor showcase, with live music and a backstage feel resulting in a compilation of much-loved acts from Pirates of the Carabina’s circus family, including flying piano, tightwire, live music, hair hanging, hoop, rope, and of course their renowned counterweighted aerial.

The counterweight is available to book for shows between 1st June and 30th September 2024. To book or enquire about the possibilities, please get in touch.


Esther Fuge, Shaena Brandel, Barnz Munn, Grace Neville-Evans, Jack Rees, Elsie Langley and Lorenzo.

COUNTERWEIGHT is available for bookings between June and September 2024.

Weather permitting, and we can offer a range of enhancement activities to support performances. Please email us for more detail.